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Image Setup

Enter your placeholder image requirements below, then scroll down to grab the image tag to add it to your site!

NB if you already have an account and want to store your images for later use, please remember to login first!

Enter a width and height in pixels below to generate a placeholder image that meets your exact requirements, or choose from our pre-defined list of popular sizes...

Width is greater than 2000px px
Height is greater than 2000px px

NB If you only enter a width, the entered size will also be used for the height (and vice-versa) giving you a square image.

While you don't need to save your image details on our server, you may find it to be a great timesaver — imagine you've set up several templates, showing user comments, where all the avatars are 50x50px in size. If you need to change them to 60x60px, that's a timeconsuming chore, unless you can edit the stored image!

You can save your image details on our server, free of charge, and this will generate a unique address which allows you to change your image settings at any time. Better still, you can save images by project, making it even easier to find and tweak images at a later date.

Simply enter your details below to save your image.

How to use...

You can add your placeholder image to your site simply by entering the following code:


<img src="" alt="" />

CSS Background

background: transparent url('') no-repeat;

While I recommend using the above codes, as this will allow you to adjust your images on-the-fly simply by editing the variables in the link, if you do need a static version you can store locally, click here to open the image in a new browser tab, and save it to your computer.

Bonus Stylesheet

I've also developed an easy-to-use stylesheet for manipulating your images (and any other content) that you can grab for free!

View the live demos and download the stylesheet here.